Girl interrupts video gamers’ cancer fundraiser to blurt out: ‘I have cancer’

A girl in the audience at a cancer fundraiser apparently decided the middle of a video-game event was the best time to reveal to the world that she is suffering from cancer. This particular event took place in 2013 and was streamed on Twitch.

The audience response to this girl’s sad story might look a little cold, until you realize that the player whose game she’s interrupting is trying to raise donations for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

According to the “Games Done Quick” website, the event is a bi-annual charity gaming marathon with volunteers playing games at incredible speeds (“speed-running.”) The incident depicted here took place in 2013, but the part about the girl was recently edited as a separate video.

The event is streamed live non-stop, and all proceeds go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

The girl’s story is sad, and she deserves sympathy, but the reaction from the rest of the audience was understandable.


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