White police officer fights back after she’s suspended for ‘choice of words’ that ‘could be’ racial

A white female police officer in Seattle, Washington has been suspended after being caught on a dash-cam calling a black suspect “boy” during a chase.

“You’re gonna get your ass shot, boy!” Officer Jennifer Hunt is heard saying on the video released this week.

*Caution: Strong Language

Hunt was involved in the pursuit of a black male suspected of being involved in a domestic violence incident in October 2013 when her dash-cam picked up the remark as Kimo M. Warren, 32, dashed in front of her patrol car, according to KIRO Radio.

Her superiors heard the racially-charged comment while watching her dash-cam as part of a use-of-force review, the radio station reported.

An investigation was launched and Hunt was suspended for 15 days without pay.

The local police union plans to appeal the punishment, calling it “too severe.”

“Officer (Hunt) is over 40 years old … to her, he looked significantly younger than her,” Ron Smith, president of the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild, told KIRO Radio. “I believe that she actually was trying to communicate with a fleeing suspect that she thought was much younger than her.”

Smith said a five-day suspension would be more in line with Hunt’s actions.

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