3-year-old cancer patient tells friend she gets to go to Disneyland in a way that will make grown men cry!

An emotional video of two 3-year-old cancer patients connecting over a shared wish come true will have you in tears.

After learning that the Make-A-Wish Foundation was granting her friend’s wish to go to Disneyland, little Violet and her parents shot the video to share her excitement with her toddler friend, Juniper, that not only did Violet get to meet Mickey Mouse, but Juniper would too, according to ABC News.

The two girls became friends during their treatment for the rare childhood cancer, retinoblastoma, ABC News reported.

Both girls had submitted the same requests to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Photo credit Make A Wish Foundation YouTube.

Violet wanted to meet Mickey Mouse, while Juniper asked to meet Minnie Mouse, according to ABC News.

“Juni! You’re going to Disneyland!” Violet, dressed like a Disney princess, said in the video, twirling around.

Photo credit Make A Wish Foundation YouTube.

Violet described all the fun she could expect on her trip to the amusement park, like going on the “It’s a Small World” ride and getting kisses on the nose from Mickey and Minnie.

“Juni, I’m so happy your wish is coming true,” she said at the end of the video. “I love you.”

Danielle Ouellette, Juniper’s mother, said the duo were known among the two families as “the flower girls” because of their flower-like names.

Make A Wish Foundation
Photo credit Make A Wish Foundation YouTube.

Juniper was so overcome with excitement after seeing Violet on the video that she didn’t realize she was going to Disneyland until she saw the castle, her mother told ABC News.

“That’s my Violet! That’s my friend!” Juniper kept saying, according to Ouellette.

Both have already visited the park, according to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, but the video is just now going viral because the nonprofit posted the video on YouTube this week.

“The video has captured our hearts here at Make-A-Wish, and we are excited to see that Violet and Juni were so enthusiastic about meeting Minnie and Mickey Mouse,” Make-A-Wish spokesman Josh deBerge told ABC News.

Juniper’s mother told ABC News that her little girl is now in remission. Retinoblastoma has a 95 percent cure rate if the tumor is limited to one or both eyes when treatment begins, according to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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