Obama to do interviews with 3 amateur YouTube personalities after SOTU; keeping it classy

In a move that his critics will say further proves that he’s mailing it in at this point, President Obama has agreed to do interviews with three YouTube personalities following next week’s State of the Union speech.

Others may argue that Obama still appreciates how important pop culture is when it comes to winning hearts and minds, considering these personalities have millions of subscribers.

According to the Washington Times, the president will meet with YouTube creators Bethany Mota, Hank Green and GloZell — none of them appear to have any real media experience.

Of the three, GloZell, who favors green lipstick, may be the most questionable. One of her postings is titled, “My push-up bra will help me get my man.”

So much for presidential protocol, although the video has been viewed almost 24 million times.

Other antics on GloZell’s YouTube page include a video of her sitting in a tub full of milk and cereal, and another showing her take the “Onion Challenge” — she holds a fresh-cut onion up to her face and tries not to cry.

Photo Source Daily Mail
Photo Source Daily Mail

Of course, GloZell has been a longtime support of Obama, as her video supporting Obamacare attests.

Titled “Your Higher Taxes Pay for My Healthcare,” she boasts that she voted for Obama because “he black.” Yes, it’s satire, but it stings all the same when she laughs out loud as she tells viewers they should be working to pay for her health care, and that of her “seven children.”

This video was only viewed a paltry 1.8 million times.

If you plan to tune in to next Tuesday’s State of the Union address, perhaps this will help remind you that, in the end, the joke really is on you.

Tom Tillison


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