Geraldo riles O’Reilly with Sharpton lovefest: Media treated MLK as poorly as they treat Sharpton

Most reasonable humans would think its ridiculous to compare Martin Luther King Jr. to Al Sharpton but Geraldo Rivera is not one of them.

He appeared on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” Thursday and told host Bill O’Reilly that the media treated King much the way they do Sharpton.

The pair were discussing Sharpton’s unpopularity, and his latest outrage over the lack of a black presence in the Academy Award nominations.

Sharpton is reviled by most Americans outside of the black community, O’Reilly said, citing a Fox News poll that showed a 59 percent unfavorable rating for the civil rights activist.

The famous race-baiter continues to be popular in the black community which, for the activist, is the most important, Geraldo countered.

“If you look at the contemporary press about the personality of Martin Luther King Jr. you see a man who was suspected of the same kinds of shenanigans as Al Sharpton. You have the FBI Director was all over Martin Luther King as an adulterer,” Geraldo said. “The fact of the matter is black people admire Al Sharpton.”

“They’re admiring a man who does not deserve admiration,” O’Reilly said. “Martin Luther King, despite his personal life, did.”

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Carmine Sabia


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