Female delivery driver shoots armed robber in face; social media outcry forces Papa John’s to stand behind her

A would-be robber picked the wrong pizza delivery person to set-up. Around 8PM on Jan 11. a female pizza delivery driver for Papa John’s was making a […]

Obama to do interviews with 3 amateur YouTube personalities after SOTU; keeping it classy

In a move that his critics will say further proves that he’s mailing it in at this point, President Obama has agreed to do interviews with three YouTube personalities […]

John Kerry leaves jaws on the floor with ‘make up’ stunt in France – hint, it involves singer James Taylor!

t’s hard to imagine what could strike more fear into the hearts of Islamic terrorists than a love ballad. At least that’s what the Obama administration must […]

Boom! Dinesh D’Souza tells ‘Brother Sharpton’ how to correct ‘appalling all-white’ Oscar problem

Feeling his brother of color’s pain, filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza took to Twitter Thursday to offer the so called Rev. Al Sharpton a solution to his angst over […]

Authorities threaten parents for letting kids walk home alone from park

Maryland parents could face neglect charges after allowing their children to walk home from the park. The couple is outraged and speaking out to the media about it. […]

Jason Hall
‘American Sniper’ screenwriter: We can do a better job welcoming our troops home

Academy Award nominated screenwriter Jason Hall said on Fox News Thursday that Americans need to do better in welcoming our troops home. Hall is the screenwriter for […]

Powerful emotional content makes veteran dog ad best commercial of 2014 winner

A commercial showing the reality of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has earned a well-deserved award. Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation trains service dogs for soldiers living with PTSD. […]

OReilly Geraldo
Geraldo riles O’Reilly with Sharpton lovefest: Media treated MLK as poorly as they treat Sharpton

Most reasonable humans would think its ridiculous to compare Martin Luther King Jr. to Al Sharpton but Geraldo Rivera is not one of them. He appeared on […]

Al Sharpton appalled at racist Oscar nominations calls emergency meeting, connects it to Ferguson

Hollywood be aware, shakedown artist Al Sharpton is disappointed that no black actors have been nominated for an Oscar this year. “The lack of diversity in today’s […]

Duke University reverses decision on weekly call to prayer for Muslims after severe push-back

Duke University has reversed a decision to broadcast weekly calls to prayer for Muslims from the campus chapel bell tower — the initial decision a result of “a larger […]

Phil Robertson knows why radical Islam is winning : ‘We’ve lost Jesus as a nation’

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson had one clear message when asked why the administration has trouble labeling radical Islam for what it is. The outspoken patriarch told […]

Marco Rubio offers Joni Ernst funny advice ahead of her State of the Union response

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., offered sound advice for Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, after she announced on Thursday that she was chosen to deliver the GOP response to […]