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Raid on terrorist cell kills three Islamists from Syrian war; ‘We’ve averted a Belgian Charlie Hebdo’

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Belgian commandos raided a terrorist cell Thursday, killing three armed men — and capturing the whole thing on video.

The video posted to YouTube shows a firefight in the town of Verviers between the Belgian authorities and the terror cell while the bakery below their apartment burns.

The raid was part of a crackdown throughout the country of suspected terrorists returning from the Syrian civil war, according to Sky News.

The targets of the raid shown in the video opened fire on police before they were killed.

“The suspects immediately and for several minutes opened fire with military weaponry and handguns on the special units of the federal police before they were neutralized,” Belgium, Magistrate Eric Van der Sypt said.

Although there was no direct connection to last week’s attacks in Paris, La Meuse newspaper quoted an unidentified police officer as saying, “We’ve averted a Belgian Charlie Hebdo.”

Of course, the battle rightfully scared the local residents.

“I heard the first explosion and then several shots. I cannot say more at this time. I dare not go down to take a look,” one local told RTL News.

One of the terrorists openly mocked Belgian intelligence officials when he got back into the country from Syria.

On his account, which has been taken down, he wrote:

“Don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but Belgian intelligence agency is the laziest and dumbest in the world probably. They kept me under surveilence [sic] since I was 14. And I passed through brussels [sic] airport like a knife cutting through soft butter.”

Looks like the surveillance hadn’t quite let up.

Carmine Sabia


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