Doomed AirAsia flight pilot’s last words were ‘Allahu akbar!’

The last words of AirAsia flight QZ8501 have finally been revealed and they are startling.

The doomed flight crashed into the Java sea on a trip from Surabaya to Singapore on Dec 28, 2014.

Captain Iriyanto

Captain Iriyanto photo credit 9 News via

Nurcahyo Utomo, who is one of the experts examining the black box recordings uncovered from the wreckage, said it’s tough for him because he knew the pilot personally as he revealed those words, reported Yahoo News Singapore.

“We are listening to a recording that represents the last moments before the crash and it is disturbing,” he said. “There are times where the investigators would get unnerved listening to the recording.

“It is as if we can feel them — Allahuakhbar, Allahuakhbar were the last words said before they died,” Utomo said.

Air Asia Flight Recorder

Air Asia Flight Recorder photo credit EPA via

The words, which translated mean “God is great,” are often said by Muslims just before they die as they believe this grants them immediate entry into paradise.

However, the phrase is also often used as a cry from jihadists as they engage in a terrorist attack.

It has also been reported by that 41 members of a Christian church congregation were among the 162 people killed in the crash.

There is no evidence thus far to suggest any connection to terrorism but more details are expected to be revealed in the coming weeks as the flight recorders undergo further examination.

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Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


513 thoughts on “Doomed AirAsia flight pilot’s last words were ‘Allahu akbar!’

  1. Josef Roesler says:

    Learn what muzzies are really about:


    1. RealityBites says:

      I don’t listen to myths

      1. Josef Roesler says:

        Good for you.

        1. RealityBites says:

          Yeah being smart is a good thing

  2. Bill Corless says:

    Ban Muslim Pilots. They have to convert or they can’t fly.

    1. RealityBites says:

      Very funny

  3. Andy Wolf says:

    Calm your scared little heads. Christians would be praying to Jesus if they were plummeting towards the ocean.

    1. RealityBites says:


  4. Carol Avery says:

    These terrorists are not true believing Muslims, they are cultist. To keep calling them Muslims just fuels the fire against good law abiding Muslims and furthers there terrorist standing. No, I am not a Muslim.

    1. DenverRegis says:

      In the Muslim world you are property as a woman. They have no respect for you and yes Muslims believe in killing the unbelievers as written in their Koran many times over. Go ahead and support these monsters, you are just helping them to destroy ourselves.

  5. Gene says:

    Some people are lucky that they aren’t locked up in concentration camps here in the U.S. the way some Germans and Japanese were during world war 2. Back then they meant business when we were attacked.

  6. Jazzidiot says:

    1.1 Billion Muslims say “Allah hu Akbar” dozens of times a day. It’s disingenuous to imply that the phrase is about terrorism. We say Adios all the time. It means “to God”. Same sentiment.

  7. Jazzidiot says:

    Y’all are hilarious. Why not just say “kill ’em all, and let God/Allah sort ’em out?

  8. keithbreedlove says:

    Let the transcripts be published and draw your conclusions from them. If they show the pilot and crew struggling with the plane to keep it airborne only to find their efforts futile, then maybe his Allahu akbar would be a fitting final prayer. Of course, if the pilot and crew had been fighting among themselves, then maybe the other interpretation of events would be appropriate.

  9. Boatswas says:

    Point of contention: “Allahuakhbar” does not mean “God is great”… it means “Allah is great.” Allah is not the same entity as the One referred to as God. (Also, “God” is a title, like “Father” or “Officer”‘; “God” is not a name. “Allah”, however, is the name of the moon god who was co-opted by Mohammed, when the Poobah created his religion.)

  10. Himéé Chan says:

    You rasict insolent bastards should all shut up you make the rest of the world sick ! Just because he said what he believes will grant him heaven before he died in what has been proven to be an accident he has to be a terrorist . Extremism on one side & racism on the other, what a fucked up world we live in !!

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