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Boston protesters close major highway at rush hour; endanger lives by forcing ambulances to detour

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It finally happened. The “Black Lives Matter” protesters blocking traffic have now put at least one life in direct jeopardy.

Protesters who moronically inserted their arms into cement blocks caused traffic to be diverted during rush hour in Boston and the surrounding area Thursday morning.

Due to the disruption of Interstate 93 North in Easton an ambulance carrying an 83-year-old man who had just been involved in a horrific car crash had to be diverted putting his life at risk.

“He had some significant injuries, and the paramedics determined it would have been in his best interest to get directly to a Level 1 trauma center,” Easton Fire Chief Kevin Partridge told the Boston Globe in a phone interview.

“They were transporting him to Boston Medical Center when they diverted. That’s where he should have gone. But because of protesters shutting down the highway, they took him’’ to the Good Samaritan Stewart Medical Center.

“This kind of conduct is risking people’s lives,” Timothy Alben, colonel superintendent of Massachusetts State Police said at a news conference where he referred to the protesters as “immature” and “childish.”

Many were outraged that the protesters put lives of strangers at risk to make a groundless point.

Carmine Sabia


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