Anti-Islamist activist Pamela Geller plans counter-strike at ‘Stand with the Prophet’ conference

Pamela Geller is no stranger to controversy, and this Saturday she will show Texas she is ready to defend freedom of speech.

pamelageller0115Widely considered an expert in Islamic extremism and a human rights advocate, Pamela Geller announced in an article written for Breitbart News that her organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, will host a demonstration against a conference that slaps the label “Islamophobia” on free speech against jihad attacks.

This year’s “Stand with the Prophet” event in Garland, Texas, is aimed at countering the effect of “Islamophobes in America,” organizers said, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

However, the event in Texas will include guest speaker Imam Siraj Wahhaj, an un-indicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings.  Imam Wahhaj, has a history of controversial remarks that cannot be considered a positive approach to change an already tarnished image, Geller wrote.

Connections like that make the conference a sham, Geller wrote.

“They say they want to defend Muhammad – which means to silence those who notice that defenders of Muhammad just murdered sixteen people in Paris and tens of thousands worldwide since 9/11,” Geller wrote.

Geller said her group’s counter demonstration will “stand for the freedom of speech against all attempts, violent and stealthy, to impose Islamic blasphemy laws on Americans and stifle criticism of Muhammad and Islam… to stand up against these underhanded attempts to stifle all criticism of Islam, including honest investigations of how jihadists use Islamic texts and teachings to justify Jew-hatred, violence, supremacism and oppression.”

One thing is for certain, Garland will find itself in the media spotlight this Saturday — whether it wants to be or not.

Michele Holt


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