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‘American Sniper,’ Bradley Cooper get Oscar nods; race-baiters fume over ‘lily white’ slate

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It’s funny when liberal Hollywood gets a taste of its own medicine — even when it’s being attacked for celebrating American hero Chris Kyle and the actor who played him, Bradley Cooper.

Liberals are deriding Thursday’s Oscar nominations as the “whitest” since 1998.

The irony in this is that Hollywood is a big proponent of the “you have to include a black person even if they don’t deserve it” mantra.

Never mind that nominating someone simply because you believe you have to reach some non-white quota is racist in and of itself.

That logic is lost on the Twitterverse that flipped out over the pale complexion of this year’s Academy Awards.

Yeah it’s not like Chris Kyle is an American hero and Bradley Cooper did an outstanding job playing him.

Let’s give “Selma” the Oscar now. It doesn’t matter what the actual best picture is.

Yes NOTHING has changed…if you forget about “12 Years A Slave,” Chiwetel Ejiofor and Lupita Nyong’o last year.

See, it’s Martin Luther King Day? You have to nominate non-whites on MLK Day. Come on, people.

There were also some non-lunatics who voiced there opinions.

Carmine Sabia


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