Toddler stuck alone in stolen car rescued when he answered cell phone

A 3-year-old Utah boy was reunited with his mother after authorities report they were able to locate the stolen car when the boy answered his mother’s cell phone.

Elizabeth Barrios told Ogden Police that she left her car running and unlocked as she was taking another child to day care center because it was cold and snowy. Barrios reported that when she came out of the center, she saw her vehicle being driven away with her son, Aiden inside.

When the police arrived at the day care a female officer called the cellphone hoping to talk to the thief and negotiate the safe release of the toddler, reported Lt. Tim Scott.

Instead, Aiden answered, telling the officer a man was looking through his mother’s purse. The officer told the child to remain calm as the suspect fled the scene.

Police continued to keep the boy on the phone and asked him to press the horn so they could locate him. The boy and car were found approximately three blocks away from the day care.

Other than being a little scared, the boy was returned to his mother unharmed, Scott said. Police are still searching for the car thief.

Barrios was just relieved the ordeal was over.

“He left my son,” she said. “That’s all that matters to me.”

Michele Holt


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