‘Muhammad weeping’ Charlie Hebdo sells out within an hour; magazine bravely laughs in terrorists’ face

Charlie Hebdo magazine bravely laughed in the face of terrorist killers trying to silence free speech Wednesday, and the support they got was off the charts.

Wednesday’s edition, with a photo of the prophet Muhammad weeping for the deaths of the cartoonists who were slaughtered at the paper last week, sold out within minutes at some kiosks across Paris. Muhammed is holding a sign that reads, “I am Charlie” in French, with the words “All is forgiven” above him. 

Normal sales of about 30,000 copies a week were increased to a print run of 3 million, and that has been pushed to 5 million, according to reports. 

Customers starting lining up early anticipating stores selling out. Copies are being offered on e-Bay with starting bids in the hundreds.

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