Duke University to broadcast Muslim call to prayer from chapel bell tower

Duke University, an institution founded by Methodists and Quakers in the 19th century, will be broadcasting weekly calls to prayer for Muslims in the 21st.

And from the Duke Chapel bell tower, no less.

dukeprayer0114According to WRAL, members of the Duke Muslim Students Association will chant the call at 1 p.m. Fridays.

The call, known as “adhan” or “azan,” will be “moderately amplified” and last about 3 minutes, WRAL reported.

Duke’s Muslim chaplain, Imam Adeel Zeb, sounded delighted.

“The adhan is the call to prayer that brings Muslims back to their purpose in life, which is to worship God, and serves as a reminder to serve our brothers and sisters in humanity,” Zeb said, according to WRAL.

“The collective Muslim community is truly grateful and excited about Duke’s intentionality toward religious and cultural diversity.”

The collective Muslim community might be excited, but the collective community in general isn’t.

First of all, what exactly is the point? If the call to prayer at one point served as a reminder of what time Muslims should kneel for their required five prayers daily, the wristwatch (in civilized countries) took care of that problem a long time ago.

And this is the iPhone era. If there’s a student on Duke’s campus – Muslim or otherwise – who doesn’t have a cell phone that could go off all on its lonesome at 1 p.m. (with any message from history of mankind), he’s not graduating anyway.

Second, did anyone remember that Duke’s mascot is the Blue Devil? How long is that going to last when Sharia law comes to the Durham campus?

On the bright side, Duke finally found something to make its craven, disgraceful behavior during that lacrosse team hoax look good.

There were some fellow travelers on Twitter who liked the idea, there always are, but a good many thought it was an outrage.

Here’s a sample.

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