Video: Street-smart black lab regularly takes Seattle bus alone to dog park

A black Labrador named Eclipse is making bus passengers’ day in Seattle, and it’s easy to understand why. The friendly 2-year-old hops on a commuter bus to […]

See $80 ad that could score guy $ 1 million from ‘Doritos: Crash the Super Bowl’ ad contest

Old-fashioned ingenuity. It’s nice to see it pay off for this young guy and his girlfriend. According to CNN Money: Actor, dancer and Doritos enthusiast Alex Pepper […]

Tense moments in Texas Capitol when open carry advocates confront Dem lawmaker

While it’s debatable just how much it helps their cause, some open carry advocates in Texas continue to pursue aggressive tactics in support of the right to bear […]

Company hawks ‘decoy’ guns for ‘perception’ of protection; who thought this was a good idea?

Everyone knows bringing a knife to a gunfight is a bad idea, now a Virginia Beach company is trying to turn a buck getting people to do […]

Toddler stuck alone in stolen car rescued when he answered cell phone

A 3-year-old Utah boy was reunited with his mother after authorities report they were able to locate the stolen car when the boy answered his mother’s cell […]

Duke University to broadcast Muslim call to prayer from chapel bell tower

Duke University, an institution founded by Methodists and Quakers in the 19th century, will be broadcasting weekly calls to prayer for Muslims in the 21st. And from […]

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch drops bombshell in abuse defense, testifies ex-girlfriend is a trained assassin

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch‘s career was finally looking up again in 2014 — at least until he found himself up against a trained assassin. The 2004 NASCAR […]

French Soldiers Eiffel Tower
France arrests 54 for defending terror attacks; crackdown orders announced

In the aftermath of last weeks Paris terror attacks, France’s Justice Ministry issued an order directing prosecutors to crack down on existing hate speech laws while announcing […]

Russell Brand targets Fox’s Judge Jeanine Pirro in disjointed rant; calls her African-American

Hollywood actor Russell Brand, known more for his obsession with Fox News than movies he starred in, has once again set his sights on the News Corp. […]

Video: Teen hailed as hero for saving life of cop who was booking him

A Florida teen arrested for violating probation saved the life of the police officer who was booking him into custody. Jamal Rutledge, 17, was being processed in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department […]

Convicted lifelong Democrat lawmaker wins re-election Tuesday from Virginia jail

A veteran Virginia lawmaker won re-election Tuesday from jail, where he’s serving a six-month sentence related to a sexual relationship with a teenage girl. If you guessed […]

‘Muhammad weeping’ Charlie Hebdo sells out within an hour; magazine bravely laughs in terrorists’ face

Charlie Hebdo magazine bravely laughed in the face of terrorist killers trying to silence free speech Wednesday, and the support they got was off the charts. Wednesday’s edition, with […]