Navy SEAL agrees with Beckel, calls out France, other leaders at march: What have you DONE proactively?

As a veteran Navy Seal, a former Republican congressional candidate and outspoken critic of the Obama administration, Carl Higbie doesn’t find himself agreeing with Fox News in-house liberal Bob Beckel very often, but he did on Tuesday.

President Obama’s failure to have a high-level representative attend Sunday’s march against terrorism in Paris meant nothing, Higbie said on “Fox & Friends.”

That’s because the leaders who attended, he said, have done little to nothing to fight terrorism in real terms.

“I hate to say I’m on the same side as Bob Beckel, but, yeah,” Higbie told host Brian Kilmeade.

Beckel caused a stir on Monday’s “The Five” when he defended Obama’s Paris no-show, calling the march that drew more than 40 world leaders and an estimated 4 million others a “waste of time.”

On Tuesday, Higbie agreed.

“I want to call out France for this, because, France, what have you done to be proactive about stopping terror in the world?” Higbie asked.

That might be true, but it’s also irrelevant.

An administration that finds the manpower to send three White House representatives to a teenage thug’s funeral in Ferguson, Mo., has an obligation to at least make sure the country is represented at one of the few world gatherings that attracted undiluted criticism of the Islamist terrorists that are the enemy in the War on Terror.

“Where were they on 9/11, the Boston bombing, the Fort Hood shooting?” Higbie asked.

That’s exactly the point.

If 9/11, the Boston Marathon, Fort Hood and seemingly monthly flashes of blood-soaked Islamist lunacy in the United States and around the world have taught us anything, it’s taking the fight to the enemy – and demonstrating that the world is ours, not theirs.

On Sunday, that meant being in Paris.

Which is probably why no one from the White House was there.

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