Bob Beckel’s warped take on Obama’s Paris no-show leaves viewers flabbergasted

Bob Beckel, the liberal contrarian of Fox’s “The Five,” was at his contrarian worst Monday trying to mount a liberal defense for the administration’s indefensible failure to join Sunday’s Paris gathering of world leaders against terrorism.

Not only was the whole thing a “foolish waste of time,” he said, but the presidents and prime ministers who actually did go are “wusses.”

Now here’s the thing. Beckel’s point wasn’t completely off. Actually fighting savages like the Islamic State in the sands of Iraq and Syria is more important than marching against terrorism in the streets of Paris.

But showing up matters. And as Eric Bolling pointed out, President Obama’s decisions on when to show up and when not to say a lot.

“Do you or do you not send either your president, vice president, someone who represents the country, to the things  matter?” Bolling asked. “The Mandela funeral? Michael Brown’s funeral … Was he so darn busy?”

Twitter users could barely contain themselves.

That was a joke.

That wasn’t.

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