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Quran-burning pastor, No. 2 on al-Qaida’s hit list, isn’t hiding – he’s selling french fries in Fla.

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The Florida pastor who made international headlines in 2011 for publicly burning a Quran on the anniversary of 9/11, is on the same al-Qaida’s terror hit list as the editor of the satirical French magazine who died in last week’s carnage in Paris.

But he’s worried more about his new business than being attacked.

Terry Jones moved his Dove World Outreach Center from Gainesville to Manatee County in 2011, according to the Bradenton Herald. He’s try to establish a specialty french fry outlet called Fry Guys Gourmet Fries at Manatee’s DeSoto Square mall.

The al-Qaida list was posted on Twitter last week. French editor Stephane Charbonnier’s picture appears to be lower than Jones, who’s listed at No. 2.

The mall’s management told The Herald that no one was aware of Jones’ controversial background when Fry Guys was renting the space it moved into in December. The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office was also unaware of Jones’ new higher-profile location, according to The Herald.

Mall manager Robert Tackett told The Herald the mall’s parent company has no problem with Jones’ business — the rent’s being paid and the business helps the mall’s occupancy rate — but it’s clear from the tone of the article the news that a tenant in the mall in on an international terrorist hit list came as a surprise.

Jones, meanwhile, doesn’t seem worried about his fame – or infamy.

“If it doesn’t happen to be what certain people like, they will crucify you and try to put you out of business,” he told The Herald.

“We’ve always been concerned. I have about 400 to 500 death threats, and there’s an award for my life for $6.5 million,” Jones said.

He said has contacted the FBI as well as local police to request additional protection, but doesn’t seem to know if it’s actually there..

“We’re not fearful, and we’re not going to run and hide,” he told The Herald. “If they (terrorists) come, we’re going to try to get them before they get us.”

Check out the WTSP report here.


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