Kerry announces planned Paris trip after US is shamed; he calls criticism for missing march ‘quibbling’

Dismissing complaints about the Obama administration’s appalling decision to skip a gathering of world leaders Sunday in Paris as “quibbling,” Secretary of State John Kerry made it clear just how little this White House cares about the “world opinion” it excoriated the Bush administration for defying.

Kerry was in India – so presumably earning his paycheck – Sunday when the White House snubbed the anti-terrorism show of unity attended by 40 world leaders.

But according to Fox News, he defended the administration for failing to send anyone from the White House to the gathering, noting that the American ambassador to France was there, among others.

“I really think that this is sort of quibbling a little bit in the sense that our Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was there and marched, our ambassador [to France Jane Hartley] was there and marched, many people from the embassy were there and marched.”

Not to quibble or anything, but the assistant secretary of state Kerry mentioned actually wasn’t in Paris, according to Fox. She marched back home in Washington. And it’s worth pointing out that the presidents and prime ministers who showed up Sunday also have ambassadors to France. They just thought it was worth the time to attend themselves.

According to Fox, Kerry said he’ll try to make things up to France just as soon as he gets around to it.

“I want to emphasize that the relationship with France is not about one day or one particular moment,” Kerry said. “It is an ongoing longtime relationship that is deeply, deeply based in the shared values, and particularly the commitment that we share to freedom of expression.”

To the Obamaphiles, this probably sounds smart. To the rest of the world, it sounds like a guy who forgot his anniversary explaining to his wife that their relationship means more than one day.

It’s a good bet Kerry doesn’t “quibble” with Teresa. And nobody “quibble”s with Michelle Obama.

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