Former Miami Dolphin player claims he fell off a boat, swam 16 hours to survive

A former NFL player is recovering today at home today after he claimed he spent many hours in a cold ocean.

Robert Konrad, 38, ironically a former Miami Dolphin, approached a police officer on the shore in Palm Beach, Fla. clad only in his underwear around 4:40 am Thursday morning and was taken to the hospital where he was treated for hypothermia.

He had been reported missing six hours earlier by his friends who expected him back at the marina for scheduled repairs.

Konrad told the officer that he hooked a fish, lost his footing and fell off his boat Wednesday around 1 pm, according to Newsweek.

“I shouldn’t be here,” he said at a press conference. “After some time I just said ‘Look I’m not dying tonight’. And I’m gonna make it to shore.”

“I followed the sun, you know, during the day and by the time night came I could see the lights on the shore and pick out certain landmarks ,” he added.

“Look I’ve got two beautiful daughters,” he said as he began to fight back tears. “I was hitting that shore.”

Konrad’s boat was recovered Thursday off the coast of Grand Bahama Island.

Skeptics have questioned Konrad’s story.

The former fullback claims he was in the water, which hovered around 70 degrees, for 16 hours surround by jellyfish and at least one shark.

Another question is why was Konrad fishing alone?

One official from the Fish and Wildlife commission was quick to say to Newsweek he “allegedly fell from the boat?”

It’s either an incredible story of survival or a great fish story.

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