Fighting global terror: Obama vs. Bush

The Obama administration is faced with as limited an array of options to respond the terror attack in Paris as the Bush White House was faced with after the London subway bombings of 2005, a national security aide who served by administrations said Monday.

Gillian Turner, a member of the Bush and Obama National Security Councils and a newly minted Fox contributor, hesitated to directly rate the administrations’ terror records, but it was clear from the context of the interview that the Obama White House suffers in the comparison.

While the Bush White House was castigated by American liberals and abroad (notably including the French) for taking a proactive role in the terror fight, the Obama approach has been exactly the opposite, refusing even to name the enemy the country is fighting as “radical Islam.”

Even in the wake of the attacks in Paris, for instance, which could not have been anything but the product of Islamist terrorism, the Obama White House is titling a response “Containing violent extremism.” That’s a little closer to the mark than “workplace violence,” but not much.

Turner was also clear about her opposition to Obama’s determination to empty the prison at Guantanamo Bay of the terrorists it’s held since the invasion of Afghanistan in October, 2001.

“It’s a dire threat to national security,” she said.

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