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Sheriff Joe challenges Sharpton to try the ‘shoot-or-be-shot’ test cops have to take

Sheriff Joe-Al Sharpton
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Amid ongoing efforts by the protesters to denounce police for being abusive and quick-triggered, one such activist agreed to take part in a force-on-force training with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

And he failed spectacularly.

What’s more, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants the nation’s loudest critic of police to go through the training — the so-called Rev. Al Sharpton.

“Let’s come on down here,” he said of Sharpton, according to Fox 10 News. “I think you are the prime guy to do this and learn a lesson.”

Jarrett Maupin, a vocal critic of Phoenix, Ariz., police, agreed last week to go through three real-world scenarios where trainees have to decide to shoot, or not to shoot.

In the first scenario, Maupin was shot by a suspect, in the second, he shot an unarmed suspect charging him, and no shots were fired in the third scenario.

The eye-opening results can be seen here via Fox 10 News.

According to Fox 10 News, Sharpton did not exactly say no.

The race provocateur issued a statement that said: “Despite our differences on immigration, I am all for working with the Sheriff to try to find some ground on proper policing.”

The Fox affiliate said Sharpton has met with Arpaio before, during immigration rallies in 2010, and Sheriff Joe welcomes him back.

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“So why doesn’t he come down here and go through the scenario we did a couple of nights ago,” he said. “It would be good for him to come.”

Perhaps Sharpton will come away with a new perspective, as Maupin did.

“I didn’t understand how important compliance was, but after going through this, yes my attitude has changed,” Maupin told Fox 10 News. “This happens in 10-15 seconds. People need to comply for their own sake.”

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