Paul Ryan shows turncoat-football-fan Chris Christie how it’s done, with a tweet that cuts to the bone

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie might technically belong to the same Republican Party, but it didn’t stop Packers fan Ryan from enjoying a well-deserved laugh at Christie’s expense Sunday after the Packers defeated the Dallas Cowboys at Lambeau Field.

Ryan was, of course, making fun of Christie’s nationally televised – and nationally despised – attempted hug last week of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in the owner’s box of the Cowboys football behemoth in Arlington, Texas.  

(Ryan’s family photo is about as far from an  owner’s box as a a stadium can sit — but that’s how Green Bay fans roll.)

Since Christie comes from a state with a fan base for three National Football League teams – with two of them direct rivals of the Cowboys – he’s got no business being a Cowboys fan in the first place.

In fact, it’s a severe character flaw, bordering on fatal politically.

He won’t admit it, of course, but the country (the non-Dallas Cowboy fan part of it, anyway) knows the truth.

And from the looks of Twitter’s response to Ryan’s tweet, there’s a big part of the country where the Cowboys are not – and NEVER HAVE BEEN – “America’s team.”

Here’s a sampling.

This one, though is the best.

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