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Judge Jeanine pours fire on Obama : ‘This political correctness will be the death of us’

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Savaging the Obama administration’s sorry record of dealing with Islamist terrorism, Judge Jeanine Pirro warned Saturday night that a six-year record of appeasement toward Islamists had only placed American lives in danger.

“It is time for this to be over,” Pirro said in the beginning of her “Opening Statement” on “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”

Wednesday’s massacre in Paris proved that, she said.

“We need to kill them,” Pirro said. “We’re at war and this is not going to stop.”

Despite fitful efforts to fight Islamists, like the current fighting against the Islamic State, the Obama administration, very much including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has done its best to keep America from focusing on its main enemy – as it initially blamed the Benghazi terrorist attack on an Internet video and publicly jailed the video maker.

“This surrender is nothing more than a coward’s response to the fear of fanatical terrorism,” Pirro said. “And this political correctness will be the death of us.

“It is time for this to be over.”


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