CRUNCH!: Ignore an ‘Elephant Crossing’ sign and you just might regret it!

This elephant walks wherever he wants, and if that’s on your car, it’s on your car. I wouldn’t stop to take pictures of this aggressive animal.

Paul Ryan shows turncoat-football-fan Chris Christie how it’s done, with a tweet that cuts to the bone

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie might technically belong to the same Republican Party, but it didn’t stop Packers fan Ryan from enjoying […]

Al-Jazeera memo to attacked newspaper: ‘It’s not all about you!’

Leaked emails from inside the Al Jazeera network show staff from the Qatar-based channel criticizing the “I am Charlie” movement that began shortly after Wednesday’s attack on […]

A dog in the snow, but where’s that squeak coming from?

Walter likes to play with his squeak ball but he doesn’t know where the squeak comes from. Or maybe the snow’s just throwing him off Whatever. Check […]

Zombie acrobatics: Gravity-defying actors make a video game look tame

So there’s a new, zombie-based video game coming out called “Dying Light,” and Ampisound’s YouTube channel decided to produce an awesome, real-life fan-made trailer. Talk about a […]

Jay Leno gets laughs with ‘too-old-Hillary’ lines; ‘I don’t see that fire’

Comedian Jay Leno didn’t get any laughs from Team Hillary Clinton when he suggested recently,during an appearance on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”, that the Democratic […]

de Blasio
NFL’s Aaron Rodgers’ ‘New York Bozo’ audible begins trending instantly; who could that be?

We are often reminded of the power of social media, and one such instance occurred Sunday during an NFL playoff game between the Green Bay Packers and […]

Shocking body cam footage: ‘Retired’ cop shot during traffic stop

A New Mexico police officer who came out of retirement to answer a police shortage was shot during a routine traffic stop last weekend, and the video […]

Chick-fil-A act of kindness brings national attention to modest restaurateur

The owner of an Alabama Chick-fil-A restaurant has gained national attention after a patron posted a photo on the Internet showing him giving kindness to someone in need. Mark […]

Holder refuses to say we are at war with ‘radical Islam’; leaves America’s ‘oldest ally’ hanging

In the aftermath of the horrific attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hedbo that resulted in the deaths of 12 people, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls declared Saturday […]

Obama sends Eric Holder, the AG who can’t say ‘Islamic terrorism,’ to summit on Islamic terrorism

A community college education appears to be a bigger issue to President Obama than radical Islamic terrorism. As 50 world leaders gather in Paris to march against […]

Sheriff Joe-Al Sharpton
Sheriff Joe challenges Sharpton to try the ‘shoot-or-be-shot’ test cops have to take

Amid ongoing efforts by the protesters to denounce police for being abusive and quick-triggered, one such activist agreed to take part in a force-on-force training with the Maricopa […]