Rare, emotional footage: Distraught cop weeps after killing suspect he thought was armed

Hard-left activists have spent months demonizing police, refusing to consider that law enforcement officers are human beings who are forced to make split-second decisions on when to use lethal force.

The emotional toll is rarely so evident as it was last year, when a dash-cam video captured a Billings, Mont., police officer’s reaction after he shot and killed an unarmed suspect during a traffic stop. The video, which was just released, is difficult to watch, but you can view it here, via the Billings Gazette:

Officer Grant Morrison shot Richard Ramirez during a traffic stop in April, according to The Daily Dot. Ramirez was reportedly high on methamphetamine and instead of raising his hands as ordered, he reached for his waistband.

“I thought he was gonna pull a gun on me,” Morrison said on the video before breaking down in sobs.

“Maybe he was, maybe he was,” a fellow officer said while trying to comfort Morrison, the video showed. “Jesus, Grant. You survived.”

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A jury eventually cleared Morrison of wrongdoing in the deadly shooting, and he is now back on active duty, The Daily Dot reported.

“I knew in that moment, which later was determined to be untrue, but I knew in that moment that he was reaching for a gun,” Morrison told a jury. “I couldn’t take that risk. … I wanted to see my son grow up.”

The April incident became Morrison’s second fatal shooting. He killed a man in February 2013 under similar circumstances, although that man did have a BB gun, according to the Missoulian.

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