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Piers Morgan uses Paris tragedy to compare US to France; it doesn’t go over well

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Leftist Brit Piers Morgan never misses an opportunity to attack America’s Second Amendment.

The recent massacre by terrorist thugs targeting the Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris was no exception.

While the rest of the world mourned the lives lost in the radical Islamic terrorist attack, Morgan used the tragedy to praise France’s gun control efforts.

These are the same gun control efforts that paved the way for an unarmed police officer to be massacred outside the Charlie Hebdo offices because he had no way to protect himself.

Somehow, though, Morgan sees the incident as proof of the nation’s rousing success on the gun control front.

He even took a swipe at conservative actor James Woods.

But Morgan insists he “loves” America. Yeah, like OJ loved Nicole.

Of course, rational people weren’t going to let Morgan (or his supporters) get away with such heresy that easily.

Carmine Sabia


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