‘Our Bad’: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes offers mea culpa for FAKE photo of NAACP bombing

In his eagerness to report that a NAACP office in Colorado Springs had been allegedly bombed by a white man, MSNBC host Chris Hayes stepped in it when he displayed a photo showing a shattered window and other damage to the building.

The only problem is the image is of a vandalized kebab shop in France — it seems the funny hat would be a dead giveaway.

Here is still of the video report, courtesy of Twitchy.com:

naacp bombing
Photo Credot Twitchy.com

The story was also scrubbed from the networks website without explanation, although the video report is still up on YouTube:

To his credit, Hayes took to Twitter on Friday and acknowledged that MSNBC wrongly included the photo in its coverage of the attack on the NAACP office.

Of course, given MSNBC’s track record, which would be hard to be confused with journalistic integrity, few social media users are buying Hayes’ mea culpa.

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Here are a few responses as seen on Twitter:

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