France allows estimated 40 percent of Muslims to live in ‘no-go zones’ where non-Muslims aren’t allowed

France has come under scrutiny following the terror attacks this week that started at Charlie Hebdo headquarters for it’s handling of the Muslim community.

There are approximately 750 areas in the country, referred to as “no-go zones,” where non-Muslims aren’t allowed and France has essentially surrendered authority, according to Fox News.

These areas are essentially self governed, many by Islamic Sharia law, and France doesn’t even provide basic services like fire, police and ambulances.

Nolan Peterson appeared on Fox & Friends Saturday and described his experiences in these zones that he said felt like walking through a middle eastern country.

He estimated that about 40 percent of France’s Muslims lived in these “no-go zones.”

Peterson added that he witnessed young men wearing Osama Bin Laden t-shirts within a 10 minute car ride from the Eiffel Tower as if it were normal.

“In a hookah shop, I saw a speech by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was leading an insurgency against American troops in Iraq at the time,” he said. “It seemed very mainstream and very accepted.”

According to his account radical Islamists recruit out in the open without bothering to hide their activity.

“It’s very open, it’s accepted. People just go along and let this be the status quo,” he said.

Host Elizabeth Hasselbeck asked Peterson if the “no-go zones” should be eliminated.

“They should definitely not allow those to exist. We didn’t allow Afghanistan to exist as a no-go zone of lslamist recruitment after 9/11,” Peterson said. “And that’s essentially what the French are letting happen in their own country, places where Islamists can freely recruit, without any danger of prosecution, young disaffected Muslims into their ranks. And they send them off to Syria and Iraq to fight.”

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