5-year-old may have been alive when dad threw her off bridge, officials say

A young Florida girl was still alive when her father threw her off the St. Petersburg Bridge this week, police told reporters Friday.   A police officer watched in horror as […]

Fourth-grade girls plot to hurt ‘mean’ teacher with hand sanitizer

A plot by two 9-year-old New Yorkers to hurt their teacher with hand sanitizer was thwarted last month by observant classmates and their quick-acting parents. The two […]

Heart-pounding eyewitness video of snowy vehicle pile-up, as it happened

This is nail-biting video from someone who witnessed part of the mega-car pile-up in Michigan. Semi trucks were colliding into each other in the unavoidable chain reaction […]

Obama could learn from Canadian prime minister’s dead-on message on radical Islam

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper left little doubt about how he viewed the recent Paris terrorist attack, saying “the international jihadist movement has declared war.” While President […]

Nolan Peterson
France allows estimated 40 percent of Muslims to live in ‘no-go zones’ where non-Muslims aren’t allowed

France has come under scrutiny following the terror attacks this week that started at Charlie Hebdo headquarters for it’s handling of the Muslim community. There are approximately […]

Watch time-lapse of boys building awesome giant sea turtle snow sculpture

See the progress of three boys as they build a 12 foot tall sea turtle snow sculpture in Minnesota. What an awesome way to warm the hearts […]

Steak-cutting expert: I’d love to see what this guy can do with a turkey

It’s pretty clear that this guy knows how to slice and dice.

Frozen trampoline experiment: When you’re bored and it’s minus 2 degrees . . .

To say it gets cold during winter in Minnesota is an understatement. Witness a neat experiment with a trampoline in minus 2 degree weather.

Piers Morgan uses Paris tragedy to compare US to France; it doesn’t go over well

Leftist Brit Piers Morgan never misses an opportunity to attack America’s Second Amendment. The recent massacre by terrorist thugs targeting the Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris was […]

California newspaper vandalized for using term ‘illegals’ to describe illegal immigrants

Silencing dissent is a trademark of the left, even though police have no idea who is behind the recent attack on a California newspaper for using the […]

Kids call it how they see it!

Watch this adorable brother’s reaction when his cranky sister is a blubbering mess. It’s less cute when he gets older and asks her if it’s PMS.

Kelvin Cochran
Fire chief terminated for Christian view of marriage; hires attorney to vindicate right to free speech

It started with bakers and wedding photographers but now almost no one can publicly support a Christian view of marriage. Kelvin Cochran was removed from his position […]