Watch what happens when six pit bulls surround 4-year-old girl!

Six hungry pit bulls surrounded a four-year-old girl and the results were devastating.

Devastatingly adorable that is.

The little girl stood in front of the dogs, all of whom were significantly bigger than her, and commanded them with the authority of a drill sergeant.

The tot told all the dogs to sit and then thanked each dog individually by name.

All the dogs stood still with anticipation as the youngster told them to stay.

The dogs watched as she poured two buckets of food on the floor and spread it out so they would have room to eat.

Patiently they stood waiting for permission. On her command they devoured it.

“Six male pit bulls, some people say it could never be done,” the camera operator said. “They live and eat together. We are a family. That was a four-year-old, who was able to tell those dogs what to do and when to do it.”

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Carmine Sabia


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