U2’s Bono politically incorrect about Jesus; Bible story that ‘still brings me to my knees’

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Hardcore fans of the rock group U2 are well aware of the influence religion has had on the band, and frontman Bono has never been shy about professing his belief in Jesus Christ.

The rock icon continued that trend in a recent post, “Little Book of a Big Year: Bono’s A to Z of 2014,” in which he proclaims that “J is for Jesus.”

The extended post, published on the band’s website, is a byproduct of a recent bicycle accident in New York City that left the rock star seriously injured and all but confined to home.

Bono tells his fans that the post “is all the communication I can manage for the first half of 2015.” The band is set to go on tour in May and it’s questionable if he’ll be healed in time.

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When the alphabet post gets to the letter J, Bono talks about “the Christmas story that still brings me to my knees,” adding that “Christmas is not a time for me to over think about this child, so vulnerable, who would grow so strong.”

“At this time of year some people are reminded of the poetic as well as the historic truth that is the birth of Jesus,” Bono wrote. “The Christmas story has a crazy good plot with an even crazier premise – the idea goes, if there is a force of love and logic behind the universe, then how amazing would it be if that incomprehensible power chose to express itself as a child born in shit and straw poverty.”

“To me this is not a fairy tale but a challenge,” he concludes. “I preach what I need to hear…”

At a time when secularism prevails, Bono noted that the “language of science and faith are not necessarily at odds.”

He also wrote about how he and his family visited the cave in Greece where John the Evangelist wrote the New Testament Book of Revelation.

“I can’t make head nor tail of that book but I love the idea that he was taken by a vision… a poetic rhapsody of man describing what looks like a nuclear firestorm ending the world,” Bono said.

How refreshing to see an icon of his stature stand firm in his belief, even if it’s not politically correct.

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