Suspects in Paris massacre dead

Two terrorists involved in the Charlie Hebdo massacre have been killed.

Associated Press preliminary reports are that the hostage they had taken has been freed and is safe.

Sky News is also reporting that the Kosher Market where Amedy Coulibaly, 32 and his girlfriend were holding hostages was also stormed and the hostages freed.

From Sky News.

Gunshots have been heard at the Dammartin-en-Goele factory where brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi were holed up with a 26-year-old male hostage.

Sky’s Ian Woods, who is on the scene, said: “There were several bursts of gunfire that lasted about 10 seconds. Since then we’ve heard four or five explosions.”

UPDATE: Reuters confirms at least four hostages at the Kosher Deli have died and four more are critically wounded.

Several on Twitter have tweeted photos from both scenes.

Developing Story: Click here to follow live via Sky News.

Carmine Sabia


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