Sheila Jackson Lee calls for a federal investigation into bombing outside of NAACP

Outspoken liberal representative Sheila Jackson Lee is calling for a federal investigation into a bombing outside of NAACP headquarters in Colorado Springs.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette there is already a federal investigation underway as the FBI is on the scene working on figuring out a motive for the explosion from hate crime to domestic terrorism.

Many mocked her as the “bombing” that did no damage whatsoever looks a lot more like an attack on the adjacent barbershop than it does the NAACP offices.

Some however did agree with her.

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Some still questioned why the media didn’t cover the bombing extensively Wednesday.

As we reported Wednesday, the day of the “bombing”, the story did receive significant media coverage. However, the reality is that the top news story of the day was the massacre at Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

Even Jackson Lee didn’t Tweet about the NAACP bombing Wednesday instead mentioning her appearance on CNN’s News Nation to discuss the Paris shooting.

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