Michelle Obama’s hashtag failed miserably, now what?

While the first lady has been busy policing kids school lunches Boko Haram has leveled another town in Nigeria, the BBC reported.

While no reasonable person expects Michelle Obama to order military intervention or physically go in and stop the terrorists she could have done a whole lot more then sending out one tweet then forgetting about it.

Boko Haram overran a military base in the town of Baga Wednesday and then laid waste to the town which a government official, Musa Alhaji Buka, described now as “virtually non existent.”

According to the BBC the militant group whose goal is to create an Islamic state now controls 70 percent of Nigeria’s Borno state.

Michelle Obama is willing to move Heaven and Earth to save the children from the horrors of school lunch but apparently all she could be bothered to do for 276 kidnapped girls is write a hashtag on a piece of paper — and she only did that one time.

Michelle Obama Bring Back Our Girls

This is what happens when you fight terrorism with hashtags.

And the world wonders whatever happened to #BringBackOurGirls?

Hey but at least she’s on the case of dastardly school cuisine.

Thank God for priorities.

Carmine Sabia


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