False rape accusations cause man to be beaten to death

A Barrow, Alaska couple faces felony murder charges after a man was beaten to death in his hotel room over false charges of rape.

Dominique Vasquez, 31 and her boyfriend Abraham Stine, 39 are both facing second degree murder charges in the beating death of 37 year old, Wesley Lord of neighboring Fairbanks.

According to police reports filed, the three were out together with mutual friends when the group decided to “ditch” Stine for undisclosed reasons.

It was during that time that his girlfriend, Vasquez, and Lord had consensual sex in Lord’s hotel room.

Vasquez covered up the affair by telling other members of the group that Lord raped her.

Investigators reported that Stine showed up at the hotel room after the group ditched him earlier in another location and he became suspicious that his girlfriend might be cheating. In a statement to police, witness Tyron Apkik,  said that he told Stine Lord raped Vasquez.

Stine broke in through the window and began assaulting the victim.

Lord, who is also a cousin to Stine, was physically no match for the much larger physical frame of his attacker. He initially tried to fight off the attack but moments later gave up.

Investigators said Vasquez was charged because she “tried to cover Lord’s mouth so his voice could not be heard,” as Stine beat him.

Stine also has a known history of violence, which is the excuse Vasquez gave to investigators as to why she lied about the affair. Investigators report Lord died of blunt force trauma and his body was sent to local authorities for an autopsy.

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