Boehner responds to critics: I’m a scapegoat for Americans, ‘I’m most anti-establishment speaker’ ever

After an attempted uprising in his own party to oust him as House speaker, John Boehner defended himself on Thursday against accusations that he’s not conservative enough.

First things first, blame it on the American people.

He’s learned a lot from Obama, after all.

“The American people are frustrated,” he told the press. “They want action . . . they need to take it out on somebody.”

There you have it. Must be those “stupid American” voters again.

“During my years here when I voted, I had the eighth most conservative voting record in the Congress,” Boehner said. “And it does pain me to be described as ‘spineless’ or a ‘squish.’”

“And I tell you what pains me the most is when they describe me as the establishment,” Boehner continued. “Now, I’m the most anti-establishment speaker we’ve ever had.”

“I’m pretty comfortable in my own bright orange skin,” Boehner said firmly.

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Michele Kirk


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