Military judge orders Gitmo officials to stop using female guards to move Muslim prisoners

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The fight for equality notwithstanding, a recent ruling to stop using female guards to move Muslim detainees at Guantanamo Bay gives a whole new perspective to the war on women.

In response to a dispute involving five Muslim defendants who refuse to meet with defense attorneys, a military judge ordered officials at Guantanamo not to use female guards to move them back and forth to court and to meetings with their lawyers, The Associated Press reported.

The five men say any physical contact with a woman not related to them is a violation of their Muslim beliefs.

The defendants are in the pretrial phase of the Sept. 11 case, according to the Associated Press.

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And while critics argue that religious expression in the U.S. military has taken a significant hit under President Obama, the ruling suggests that all religions may not be treated the same.

The attorney who represents Khalid Sheikh Mohammed said the recent move to start using female guards to move the defendants is a continuation of the CIA interrogation program — part of an effort to humiliate them and undermine their religious sensibilities, the Associated Press reported.

“It is being done to disrupt them and to disrupt their ability to defend themselves,” attorney David Nevin said.

The ruling was issued by Army Col. James Pohl, who said the decision is temporary until he can hear further evidence and make a final decision. He added that the temporary ruling would “best serve the interests of all parties.”

Unless you are of the female persuasion.

Tom Tillison


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