Man screaming ‘I want to kill cops’ busted trying to run down officers in NY

The war on New York City police officers continues.

A man identified as Matthew Christian Cash drove an Audi toward two Port Authority officers while yelling “I want to kill cops” on Wednesday.

Cash barely missed the two officers as he smashed into a police cruiser, the New York Post reported.

The man continued to yell “I want to kill cops,” as he struggled with officers who were trying to detain him.

“He was putting up a fight,” witness Michael Rosselli said. “They had to get him into the cruiser. He was kicking at the ­window trying to get out. They had medics on standby.”

Cash was arrested and taken to Bellevue Hospital.

According to the Post Cash has an extensive criminal history.

In 2013 he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend and hitting his 5-year-old son in the face with a bag of oranges, according to a Lehigh­

After Wednesday’s incident cops found a bag of synthetic marijuana in Cash’s silver Audi and he told police he was on angel dust.

Carmine Sabia


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