Knife-wielding man shot dead by police after trying to board flight with false ID

A knife-wielding man was shot and killed by police at an Ohio airport Wednesday after a series of suspicious activities that culminated in him lunging at officers with a blade, threatening their lives.

The man who has been identified as Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed displayed erratic behavior at a Port Columbus International Airport ticket counter and had attempted to purchase airline tickets with a woman’s identification prior to the shooting, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

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He also drew attention for illegally parking his SUV.

According to Columbus Police Division spokesman Sgt. Rich Weiner, separate calls came in about the illegally parked SUV and the suspicious activity at the ticket counter around 12:45 p.m.

The situation came to a head when Abdul-Rasheed was walking to his vehicle after police called a tow truck company to have it removed.

“It looked like a casual encounter at first, and then suddenly he produced a knife and lunged at the officer and attempted to stab him,” Weiner said.

Abdul-Rasheed missed the officer who then fired several shots.

“I don’t know how he thought it was going to end,” Jim Shriner, the tow-truck driver who was a witness to the events, told the Dispatch. “I feel horrible that somebody lost their life. At the same time, the officer tells you to stop, its time to stop.”

“He came at the officers,” Shriner said. “Kept walking in a confrontational manner toward the officers, backed them up probably about 30 yards.”

Although police said there is no indication that terrorism was involved, they did call the bomb squad to the scene.

“The officers also discovered items on the suspect which prompted them to contact the Columbus Fire Bomb Squad, which also searched the suspect’s vehicle. Suspicious items were removed from the scene,” airport officials said in a statement, according to the Dispatch.

Nope, no indication there was terrorism involved at all. Just a guy with a Middle Eastern name armed with knives trying to board an airplane under a woman’s ID.

Wait until the hands up, don’t shoot crowd get hold of this.

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