Greg Gutfeld slams NYT coverage of Paris terror attack: ‘putrid rubbish’ with the wrong sympathies

The blood was barely dry in the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, where Islamist terrorists murdered 12 people in a fit of rage over newspaper cartoons, when the liberal media – led by The New York Times – was fretting about what impact the attack would have on Muslims in Europe.

And one of the more egregious examples had barely been posted when Greg Gutfeld was blowing it out of the water.

And it did, really.

After the initial news peg, the piece by Steven Erlanger and Katrin Bennhold, headlined “‘Dangerous moment’ for Europe as fear and resentment grow,” became a laundry list of liberal gripes about Europeans who are uneasy about their countries being turned into some Middle East knockoff, overrun by foreigners with no interest in assimilating.

If The Times of today — or its brethren at MSNBC and the like — had been around in 1939, they would have fretted that Hitler’s invasion of Poland could create a backlash against German speakers.

Gutfeld’s many followers picked up on his criticisms immediately (one even labeling The Times report “putrid rubbish”).

But understanding Gutfeld’s frustration isn’t hard.

What is hard is understanding the mindset that can look at carnage like the atrocity and immediately assume a defensive posture for the ethnic group that committed it. The Times people — and so many Times readers — consider it sophistication. It’s actually a kind of cowardice.

She left out utter predictability, but other than that, she’s dead on.

Some Gutfeld followers wondered how The Times would handle the situation itself. But that answer was utterly predictable too.

But this guy summed it up perfectly:

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