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Arrogant Howard Dean doesn’t call Muslim terrorists ‘Muslim terrorists’ — just because

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Wednesday, on MSNBC (surprise!) former 2004 presidential candidate, former Vermont governor and former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean made a statement in response to the Paris terror attack that personified political correctness gone amok.

Dean said, “I stopped calling these people Muslim terrorists. They’re about as Muslim as I am.”

Leave aside the arrogance of a U.S. politician presuming to preach what Islam is to men who’ve spent their lives studying it.

It’s the intellectual confusion of his answer that’s really noteworthy, since he never really says what they are — only what he’s firmly convinced they’re not.

So, Howie from peace-loving Vermont, what DO you call Muslim terrorists when they yell “Allahu Akbar?” (“God is greatest”) as they did during the Paris magazine attack.

This phrase is an established Islamist rallying cry and standard operating procedure for terrorists to scream while committing acts of violence against infidels or non-Muslims.

Dean’s statement has now earned him the “Good Mosque-keeping Seal of Approval” from the U.S. based Muslim Public Affairs Council.

The group took to Twitter thanking Dean for his “strong statement.”



Now let’s take a moment and thank Democrats for rejecting this buffoon as their presidential nominee in 2004.

Also, can you think of some historical substitutions for Dean’s statement?

For example, if Dean lived in 1939 Germany and said, “I stopped calling these people Nazi’s. They’re about as Nazi as I am.”

Oh yea, and that makes about as much sense as Dean’s statement on Wednesday.

Myra Adams


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