Think Ben Affleck still wants to argue with Bill Maher about murderous Islamists?

Wednesday’s latest example of Islamist savagery had to be tough for Hollywood liberals with a well-earned reputation for criticizing the West in defense of religious fanatics who despise everything the West stands for.

But it had to be particularly tough on Ben Affleck.

benafflect0107The fashionably progressive Hollywood star has been wrong about many, many things in his career (“The Boiler Room,” for instance) but his clash with Bill Maher back in October was one for the record books.

Affleck took objection to Maher’s scathing put-down of Islamist terrorists, even calling the ultra-liberal host and a guest “racist” for stating the obvious: Islam is a religion unique in the world for the sheer number of murderous extremists who wreak havoc in its name.

After Wednesday’s slaughter in Paris, when Islamist extremists once again caused worldwide revulsion with an act of savagery in the name of Islam, social media was alight with users who remembered Affleck’s misguided umbrage.

Bill Maher says very little that a conservative can agree with. But at least he’s sane when it comes to Islam.

Could Wednesday’s atrocity have the same effect on Affleck? To be fair, he’s capable of being right after all (“Argo,” for instance.)

But Twitter users seem to doubt it.


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