Ralph Peters: If they had any guts, all US papers would publish Muhammad cartoons

The terrorists won today.

That was the message Wednesday from retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters when he appeared on Fox News’ “America’s News Room.

“It’s a terrible morning. It’s a bad morning for press freedom, for freedom of information,” he said. “It’s bad because the terrorists won. The terrorists won this morning.”

Peters fears publications will limit their own freedom because of this attack.

“Even if those terrorists are tracked down and killed, and I hope they are killed and die miserably,” Peters said. “The end result of this is going to be we’re going to continue to self-censor.”

Peters chastised other publications for not having the courage to publish the cartoons of the prophet Muhammed like the French magazine did.

“It was the bravest publication I know. There is not a single magazine in the English-speaking world that had the guts, the courage, to take on Islamist fanaticism and mock these fanatics the way Charlie Hebdo is,” he said.

“The correct response to this attack, by all of us in journalism, we pretend to be so brave, if we had guts,” Peters said. “Those cartoons would be reprinted on the front page of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times tomorrow. They won’t be.”

Peters also criticized the Western world as too weak to deal with radical Islam and said our political correctness may lead to our destruction.

“This was a military operation,” he said. “These weren’t amateurs. These weren’t clowns.”

“We have lost the will to fight. We’re in a period of strategic decadence,” Peters said. “When we’re worried about, again, maybe our interrogations are too harsh. We’re worried about hurting our enemies feelings and they are slaughtering people.

“Every day, dozens and hundreds of people are slaughtered around the world by Islamic extremists, and we will not come to grips with it,” he added.

”Our president will not come to grips with it, journalists will not come to grips with it, even our military is lawyer-addled, lawyer-ridden and worried about offending our enemies.”

But no, Dianne Feinstein, let’s stop that dastardly water boarding.



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