Dangerous guerrilla warfare: What thugs are doing to NYPD cop cars could be deadly

The anti-cop activity by New York “progressives” is escalating to near guerrilla warfare.

The New York Police Department on Tuesday issued a memo to all commands in the city warning officers to beware of any attempts to tamper with the lug nuts on their vehicles – whether their personal cars or patrol units.

nypdlugnuts0107The memo cited recent incident where “vehicles have had their lug nuts loosened while parked in the vicinity of a department facility.”

According to the New York Post, the most recent incident occurred Tuesday night in Brooklyn when officer realized the lug nuts on his personal vehicle had been loosened. He checked other vehicles in the “police only” lot and found one police car with loosened lug nuts and a civilian vehicle with several lug nuts missing.

A check of other nearby lots showed several other vehicles, including unmarked patrol vehicles used by supervisors, had been tampered with too, the Post reported.

Security at individual station houses has been directed to watch for suspicious people lingering near vehicles, especially if they appear to have tools that could be used to loosen lug nuts.


This is the Obama-Holder-de Blasio rhetoric coming home to roost. It’s gone beyond “protest” – whether “peaceful” or otherwise – to sabotage tactics more suited to a guerrilla war than debate in a democratic society.

And if it’s successful, it’s damn near murder – either of the officers unfortunate enough to have their vehicles tampered with – or anyone else who happens to be on the road with them, young or old, black or white.

No matter what they say – or what their media mouthpieces maintain – black lives don’t matter to these people.

No lives do.

H/T: Daily Caller

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