Defiance! See the cartoons drawn in response to Paris attack

In response to the terrorist attacks at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, where 12 journalists were slaughtered by radical Islamists, some cartoonists took to Twitter on […]

Rob Lowe has ‘beautifully stated’ message that Obama needs to hear

Unspeakable evil always brings out incredible good in many people. It also brings determination. Social media is filled with emotions today in response to the slaughter of […]

Think Ben Affleck still wants to argue with Bill Maher about murderous Islamists?

Wednesday’s latest example of Islamist savagery had to be tough for Hollywood liberals with a well-earned reputation for criticizing the West in defense of religious fanatics who […]

Breathtaking photos: Stunning display of world solidarity in defiance of Islamist terror

The Islamist terrorists who killed 12 people at a French magazine in Paris on Wednesday were aiming to terrify the world. What they did instead was united […]

Obama White House critical of French Muhammad cartoons back in 2012 . . . ‘always on the wrong side’

President Obama issued a statement Wednesday “strongly” condemning the terror attack in France, but there was a time when the White House was critical of the satirical […]

Dangerous guerrilla warfare: What thugs are doing to NYPD cop cars could be deadly

The anti-cop activity by New York “progressives” is escalating to near guerrilla warfare. The New York Police Department on Tuesday issued a memo to all commands in […]

Ralph Peters: If they had any guts, all US papers would publish Muhammad cartoons

The terrorists won today. That was the message Wednesday from retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters when he appeared on Fox News’ “America’s News Room.” “It’s a terrible […]

President Obama disputes call by NFL referee – yes, really

Because the man clearly has no more pressing ways to spend his time, President Barack Obama is making no bones about how upset he is with the […]

Charlie Hedbo 1
Surviving cartoonist let terrorists into office when they threatened to kill her toddler; they hid under desk

A cartoonist who survived the Wednesday morning terrorist attack in Paris confessed that she let the armed men into the Charlie Hedbo office complex. Corrine Rey had […]

Give us a break: Black activists say NAACP bombing under-reported because of racism

In one of the odder hashtag campaigns moving on Twitter (#NAACPbombing), black and liberal activists appear to be incensed at the lack of news coverage of an […]

Shocking video, photos as gunmen attack Paris newspaper in the name of Allah

Radical Islam has reared it’s ugly head yet again. Masked gunmen stormed the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine in Paris, and opened fire killing at […]

Vets to get shafted by Obama in Phoenix

President Obama continues to give veterans few reasons to believe that he supports them. The president will be less than a mile from the Phoenix VA hospital that […]