Rangel: ‘I never was moved’ for dead soldier unless they were black

For Rep. Charlie Rangel, skin color trumped uniform color — even in combat.

Appearing on MSNBC on Monday, the New York Democrat said he saw plenty of American Army dead during the desperate, early days of the Korean War when U.S. troops were overrun by Chinese communists.

But the deaths of black soldiers meant more to him than the deaths of whites — even if they all wore the same uniform.

“When I was in combat, and I’m telling you, I saw more dead people, but I never was moved until I saw dead people that looked like me in my uniform,” Rangel told host Ed Schultz. “It does make a difference”.

Rangel was on “The Ed Show” to discuss the actions of the NYPD officers who once again turned their back to Mayor Bill de Blassio during the funeral services Sunday of slain fellow officer Wenjian Liu.

In a news conference on Monday, de Blassio criticized the officers for what he called disrespect during a time of morning.

Rangel, known for his racially tinged ramblings described the officers as “haters” and urged black officers to speak out about police violence.

Before he does anymore preaching, though, he might remember that the NYPD’s blue uniforms might mean more to some cops than the American military’s uniform meant to him.

H/T: Daily Caller

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