Megyn Kelly defends ‘hot mess’ Mayor de Blasio to Bill O’Reilly

Fox News personality Megyn Kelly gave fellow host Bill O’Reilly and jolt Monday – and probably millions of viewers, too – when she defended a New York City judge who released without bail a man who’d been jailed for making terroristic threats against police officers.

Putting her legal background on display, Kelly explained that the decision by Criminal Court Judge Laura Johnson complied with New York state law that specifies bail is only set to ensure that a defendant returns to court for trial.

Because the suspect in the case, 18-year-old Devon Coley, is due back in court on other charges and had already posted substantial bail in those cases.

Johnson is justified in assuming that if that bail is enough to have Coley return to court, it could cover the latest charge too, Kelly said.

When O’Reilly suggested that if the judge had imposed the $250,000 bail sought by prosecutors in the case it would have “sent a message,” Kelly said that’s not what New York law allows.

“The purpose of bail, Bill, is only to make sure the person shows up,” she said.
When O’Reilly suggested Kelly was showing sympathy for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio – whom she had earlier accused of being a “hot mess” basically since he took office, Kelly brushed it off.

“How can I get guff for calling him a hot mess one minute and then [be] accused of being sympathetic to him?” Kelly asked. “I call ‘em as I see ‘em.”

Kelly’s take on the bail question was all the more noteworthy because it directly followed a lengthy “Talking Points” commentary by O’Reilly that concluded de Blasio should resign from the mayor’s post, and cited the Coley case as a major reason.

By reappointing Johnson to the bench, O’Reilly said, the mayor was “symbolically spitting in the face of his own police department.”

“He should resign,” he said.


Michele Kirk


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