Female DC police chief deflates Chuck Todd when her unexpected answer doesn’t fit lib playbook

It wasn’t the answer Chuck Todd was looking for, that’s for sure.

The “Meet the Press” host staged a silly segment Sunday featuring the mayor of Washington, D.C., the city’s police chief, and the public school superintendent to make a big deal out of the utterly uninteresting idea that the top three jobs in the city are now held by women.

It’s a lame idea in a country where women have been mayors, governors and everything but the president for decades now, but Todd made it even lamer when he asked Police Chief Cathy Lanier to describe how hard it had to have been for her as a woman to make it in the male dominated police department.

Check out her answer, and you can feel Todd deflate.

“Well, you know, I don’t think your gender matters in this line of work,” she said.  “Like most uniform services, if you come to work and work hard every day and you have a reputation for being a hard worker, cops really don’t care if you are male or female, or black or white, and nor does the community. I’ve been here 24 years. I love this city and I love my police department, so I really haven’t had any issues.”

No grievance over being a woman? No whining about mistreatment?

Todd didn’t have a follow-up.

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