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Black protesters get mocked for interrupting ‘whitey’ brunches this weekend

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At the dawn of the civil rights era, protesters changed the country by staging sit-ins at segregated lunch counters.

In New York City and Oakland, Calif., on Sunday, protesters brought bedlam to brunch.

In an effort to gain still more attention to their cause – like 24 hour news coverage in the world’s busiest media market isn’t enough – demonstrators claiming police brutality against blacks is rampant decided Sunday to take their action to the omelet world of the Big Apple’s brunch set.

That doesn’t mean they actually wanted to face up to the police — and that alleged brutality.

Along the way they pretended to make the kind of history better men and women than they made decades ago — by bothering people just trying to enjoy a morning cup of coffee.

It was called “Black Brunch” weekend, according to Yahoo News. And the goal was ostensibly to get sympathy for those persecuted by police. Instead, it drew mockery.

Well put.

But this one is priceless.

So how about a mimosa?

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